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Products & Services

Title IQ

Nazca eVTP is a web browser-based service that integrates a wide variety of data resources, quickly producing comprehensive property reports.

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Nazca eVTP »
Title IQ

With a unique blend of plant data, images, and an industry-leading proprietary database of information only we can offer, Title IQ will revolutionize the way you perform title searching and production.

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Geographic Title Plants

Built for accuracy and organized for performance, work faster and more efficiently using title plants managed by Data Trace. Elevate your title operations with progressive technology and premium quality data.

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Tax Information

From basic tax searches to complex tax payment status, Data Trace equips you with the most current information available. We analyze, match and index data so you can search with ease and confidence.

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Document Images

Current and historical land records delivered in seconds right to your desktop. Join the thousands of Title professionals who access our database of over 4 billion document images each day.

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Property Profiles

Tap into our powerful database of residential property and market details by using a simple name and address search.

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Plant Creation & Conversion

Data Trace is a proven partner and maintains an comprehensive conversion methodology. We take time up front to study your data and customize software to accommodate your specific requirements.

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Data Trace Gateway

Our product and technical specialists work closely with you to explore and engineer innovative solutions to simplify and streamline title operations.

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NY State Services

Data Trace offers a unique and comprehensive real estate transaction notification program designed to protect your residents from becoming victims of fraud.

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NY State Services

Available in all 62 counties, we offer more than 100 products and services which can be delivered the same business day, empowering you with the accurate data you need quickly.

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A Bold Vision and
an Ambitious Charter

At Data Trace, we are realizing an industry-wide vision: a standardized title, tax, and image information system that spans the nation

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